Is it Blasphemy?

Episode Segment
Blasphemy One offs

Beatles saying they were bigger than Jesus, or when they put Mohammad on the cover of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"
JRPG Characters Killing God

See: This helpful Reddit Thread

When Freddy said "This... is God."
When Taliban destroyed Bamiyan Buddhas (OR: when the Buddhists BUILT the Buddhas, thereby (A) having another god before Yaweh and (B) making graven images? In which case, good on the Taliban for destroying them!)
Eating cereal dry, or pushing an icecube into your beef patty as you're grilling it
Robert Crumb's Genesis (specifically drawing the women so thick)
Jeffrey Katzenberg quoted behind closed doors, regarding the release of "The Prince of Egypt:"

"Fucking rubes and jesus freaks... they'll line up like pigs to the trough... and just when I suck them dry? Boom: Antz."